Asus dsl-ac51 open vpn client

Does open vpn client work easily on dsl ac51 modem?
open vpn v2.4.7

OpenVPN is a software feature, it works the same on all (OpenWrt-supported) devices, the only differences caused by the hardware are expected throughput (CPU performance of the device) and if your system specifications (flash/ RAM) are good enough to install it in the first place.

The (presumably) ASUS DSL-AC51 however is not supported by OpenWrt at all - and while I can't really find technical specifications about it, what I do find doesn't suggest that it ever will be (RaLink RT65168 SOC, RaLink-Trendchip VDSL2 modem, Mediatek mt7603+mt7610 wireless).

This feature is present in the modem interface

this is an openwrt forum, the question was assumed to be regarding openvpn on openwrt (which is stated by @slh ), not the stock firmware.

as pointed out, your device isn't supported.

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