Hi, anyone please can assist me how tto set ttl on asus router AX53U?
Thank a lot

search for ttl sysctl in the forum

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...and also know what flavor of Firewall your current build is on..


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hi bill, how to find what firewall i using, what the different between fw3 and fw4? how is affect the ttl on router? pls advice..thx bill

hi frollic, thx for your info. i try to search there.

From the cli run opkg list-installed

Listed alphabetically. Then once you know you can target your search for the appropriate solution and the user's here expert in firewall will assist. I'll be watching.

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i cant find the custom rule in my firewall page. i would like to set ttl
iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING -o get_wanface -j TTL --ttl-set 65

pls help me..thx

AX53U is in no way special than any other device running OpenWrt.
And guessing you're running either 22.03 or snapshot, you're not using iptables, but nftables.
First forum search result:

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i cannot direct access to /etc/config/firewall , it will show denied. but i can include
vi /etc/config/firewall
root@OpenWrt:~# vi /etc/config/firewall
config defaults
option syn_flood 1
option input ACCEPT
option output ACCEPT
option forward REJECT

Uncomment this line to disable ipv6 rules

option disable_ipv6 1

config zone
option name lan
list network 'lan'
option input ACCEPT
option output ACCEPT
option forward ACCEPT

config zone
option name wan
list network 'wan'
list network 'wan6'
option input REJECT
option output ACCEPT
option forward REJECT
option masq 1
it show like tis, i dunno how to set. some more i cant create user and add rule.pls advice thx

Correct, that's how you edit the file. Not sure what "direct access" means otherwise.

:warning: If you attempted to execute the file instead, that's incorrect - it is a text file.

See above: ASUS AX53U set TTL - #8 by znevna

Are you following the link provided to you?

It says nothing about creating a user.

:spiral_notepad: You'll need to be familiar with basic file editing and filesystem structure in order to complete these tasks.

:bulb: Feel free to ask questions based on the TTL rule creation link provided. You can also ask there. :wink:

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