Asus ac58u - Wireless dead?

So I just debricked my wireless router using serial connection and thought everything is OK but now I can't get any wireless signal even though interfaces are up. I tried putting my phone on the router itself and then I got a signal but if I move it just a bit the signal is lost... Router is Asus ac58u and I see the antenna connection are fine.

Please help

You may have unintentionally erased the WiFi calibration data.

Is there a way to restore it?

If you didn't make a backup from your own device previously, no. The wifi calibration data is specific to each individual device.

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Is there a way to check if it's a lost cal_data or hardware issue? I read some threads about lost cal_data and most of them showed no data at all on the wireless interface while in my case it seems everything is working but range is 0 like antennas are not working.

So i found a backup of my cal_data and restored it but problem persists: wifi signal is 0 and can my phone sees it only when practically 1 inch from the router so i guess it is a hardware failure probably caused by connecting to the serial port on the router, maybe 3.3v wire fried something, so unfortunately router is bricked...

Oh, you are not meant to connect 3.3V only Tx RX and Ground

Yes I know, thats what I did.
I meant since I did not solder the wires maybe the tx wire accedintly touched something on the board.

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