Asus AC56U Missing wireless radio


I am new to OpenWrt / LEDE and just installed the latest LEDE firmware 17.01.4 using the recovery mode on my Asus AC56U. The installation went well but when I go to wireless I only see the 2.4ghz radio and not the 5ghz. Is there something I have to do to add it manually or should it just be there?


2.4GHz/5GHz are seen as a single radio in OpenWRT.

If under: Network --> Wireless --> (wireless network) --> Edit --> General setup --> Operating frequency --> N is selected

Then you are using 2.4GHz or 5GHz, depending on the capability of the client device. If instead "Legacy" is selected, only 2.4GHz is available.


It is expected that 5GHz does not work.

Been awhile but purchased a TP-Link Archer C7 V2 and everything is working great so far.

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