ASUS AC1300G Plus

Which image is working on Asus RT-AC1300G Plus. Firmware version
The closest page is but it is not a perfect match.

1200G or 1300G ?

topic says one thing, post something different.

Sorry for the typo. I've corrected the initial post. It is RT-AC1300G Plus. would tell you, if it isn't explicitly listed as supported, then it isn't

I can't find much hardware information about a device with this name though.

according to wikidevi, the rt-ac1300uhp is the same as RT-AC1300G Plus, but with 256MB of RAM instead of 128MB

I don't know if the firmware images are compatible or not, but they may be, or should be relatively easy to add support for this device

The firmware images will at least need changing (well, a new, dedicated image) for the different RAM sizes (which are hardcoded in DTS), very likely the hardware identification strings (UIMAGE_NAME, DEVICE_VENDOR, DEVICE_MODEL, etc.) also needs to be adapted - probably easy, but not happening by itself, someone with the device on their desk will still have to do the leg work.