Asus AC-65P not flashing

So following the instructions here and using ssh:

I'll flash it, no errors are given, reboot, and it is the Asus image.

Not a lot to go on with no errors reported.

  • What message did you receive after the mtd-write command?
  • What happens with the TFTP method?

After mtd-write it runs, no errors, no messages, goes back to the prompt.

Haven't tried tftp yet, I'm currently doing this all from termux

OK when using atftp I cannot put or get any files. When I try to get a file it can see the files, but aborts immediately. When putting the openwrt factory bin it also immediately aborts.

OK so using curl it did upload.

And.... Booted to the Asus image

Did you disable any firewall on the TFTP device before starting?

No firewall on the laptop.