ASUS-68U replacement?

I'm currently running a very old ASUS t-mobile router flashed to asuswrt-merlin. Unfortunately, the router is starting to show it's age and in need of a replacement.

My biggest priorities is a buying a router that is supported by openwrt, will receive patches, and won't phone home to advertisers. Followed by that, I want to be able to create multiple VLANs to segregate my guest network, home network, and also allow communication on certain ports with my IoT devices. Also having 3-4 LAN ports wouldn't hurt but I can always also get a switch.

I was looking at the Linksys WRT1900AC but it seems that router isn't fully supported by OpenWRT. I've also been looking at the GL-iNET GL-B1300 but from my research people said it's on a pretty old version of openwrt. I'm also strongly considering the GL-S1300 but it looks like it's not even supported by openwrt. I've also looked at the Pepwave soho mk3 but it's not openwrt and seems to have an issue connecting with Motorola SB modems.

My home network is on a 100Mbps cable line, we have roughly 12-14 wifi devices spread across 2 floors (so good wifi is nice but I can always add another AP).

So is there is a hardware recommendation for a good router ≈ or < $250?

AC68U is a great with openwrt as a wired router. Get any decent AP and pair it with AC68U. If you have two of them, you can also use one as an openwrt router and one as an AP. AC68U's hardware is perfectly capable in handling QoS up to at least 250 Mbps from my experience, and it will likely do more. While the prospect of an all in one solution is attractive superficially, it rarely works as well. Separating the router and AP also means that you can upgrade either of them individually. If you don't mind a proprietary AP, ruckus r710/720 (look on ebay or elsewhere for deals) are good options. Ubiquiti also makes some decent APs from what I've read. For all in ones in your budget, r7800 may be a decent option.

This one is fully supported by the latest OpenWRT and it is running very well, but it is not a good option is you got two or three story building to cover: it has no external antennas and it shows.

Thanks all! I would continue to use the AC68U but it's showing signs that it's about to go out the window.

I personally wouldn't mind if I have to get another AP and not have an all-in-one solution. My only concern would be getting hardware that wasn't fully supported by OpenWRT or getting updates. I've also looked into PC Engines and I wouldn't mind going that route (no pun intended) but not even sure what configuration/spec I would get.

@fantom-x, do you know if the GL-S1300 is also supported?

As far as I know, it is not supported.