ASU error if drop IPv6

If i unselected the IPv6 then it throw error.

Error building the firmware image
Server response: Unsupported package(s): iptables

Please report the error message and request
Request Data:

    "url": "",
    "revision": "r16325-88151b8303",
    "advanced_mode": "1",
    "app_version": "git-22.090.55699-bb6ef9f",
    "branch": "21.02",
    "efi": null,
    "profile": "dlink,dir-2660-a1",
    "target": "ramips/mt7621",
    "version": "22.03-SNAPSHOT",
    "packages": [
    "diff_packages": true,
    "filesystem": "squashfs"

You can't remove IPv6 support with the imagebuilder (or attended sysupgrade), it relies on binary packages, most if which depend on ipv6 (if not rebuilt from source). Even if you could, the results would be dangerous (the kernel would still have IPv6 support, but you'd have disabled everything necessary for firewalling --> welcome intruders to your all you can eat buffet).

While technically still possible (on the source level), removing IPv6 support is not a supported configuration, you will experience breakage and the config option as a whole is slated for removal.


So its very tricky one to remove IPv6 as its integrate with others functions. :frowning: