Asterisk11 and mips_24kc

I am interested in the Asterisk Alarm Receiver module. According to this it is compatible with mipsel_24kc but not mips_24kc:

But when I look in the packages Asterisk and associated packages are not listed:

But a Google search reveals that it used to be there. So two questions:

  1. Has Asterisk been deprecated?
  2. Is Asterisk compatible with mips_24kc? I'm guessing it is because my router (Villagetelco based on Dragino MT-14 which is a mips_24kc according to the hardware list) is already running OpenWRT and Asterisk.

mipsel_24kc or mips_24kc ????

I guess you mean mips_24kc.
Buildbot seems to fail compiling asterisk for it, (at least in the last build run). See logs at:

Telephony packages live in their own packages repo, and their issues are mainly discussed there. See issue tracker at

Thanks. I was referring to this page:

It lists mipsel_24kc but not mips_24kc.

FYI, buildbot has now successfully compiled asterisk for mips_24kc: