Asterisk 16.x doesnt compile, (LEDE 17.01)

LEDE 17 getting this error "configure: error: *** Please install the 'libedit' development package." although libedit is selected in make menu config. Cannot find the libedit-dev version

libedit from packages? But you shouldn't use old LEDE 17.

Hi there. LEDE 17 is quite dated by now, so even if you fix the libedit issue there might be other issues appearing afterwards.

Regarding libedit I think it's possibly related to the missing libedit pkg-config file. Probably Asterisk doesn't detect libedit due to that. See this commit. Maybe adding these few lines to libedit and recompiling libedit afterwards lets Asterisk detect the lib. It could be that libedit in LEDE 17 is too old, though. But maybe not.


Sorry, that was for @dmsherazi, I picked the wrong Reply button I think.

By the way, I kindly request you change the topic to "Asterisk 16.x doesn't compile on LEDE 17". As it stands it implies that it doesn't compile in trunk, which is not correct.