Associated client speed?

Hi, how can I check the current download and upload used in associated clients?
For example Im using youtube and I want to check the current download speed

Do you mean:

  • total traffic per client (I think you'll need to install packages); or
  • realtime bandwidth of the WiFi/PHY signal/connection to the client (this can be seen on: main Overview page, Wireless page and the Realtime Graphs pages)?

Under overview section I can see only the connection speed...
I mean lets say Im using youtube with a video, I want to see the download speed of the video (bitrate for example) 1.75Mbps

So to be clear, basically - you desire to see the real-time speed of each individual IP connection initiated by/to WiFi clients?

I know the total can be seen (for a few moments without additional packages) - but not sure about the real time bandwidth.

Have you seen the Realtime Graphs > Connections page - is that OK?

This is not what I meant..
I mean realtime download speed of individual associated client

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OK, cool. I'll let someone else respond (I coulda swore that info is on the Wireless and Overview page - with individual connections on the Connections page, albeit total bytes, not per second). I know others in the community will be able to assist you!

I hope the best for your config - have a good day!

You can check total throughput of individual clients connected to your main router via e.g.

But if you want to measure isolated taffic of a specific service like a youtube video, special tools are necessary. For example, I know that in Firefox when you download a file, you can see in the top-right the download-speed. This is possible, because Firefox has a downloadmanager built in. Obviously it only works for files and not for youtube videos.

I am sure there is a tool out there that would do what you want, but I don't know of it right now. Maybe Wireshark can do it?

I think it is indeed possible with Wireshark: See here for how to do it:

opkg update; opkg install nft-qos luci-app-nft-qos

You will get an additional tab in Status->Realtime Graphs.

The service automatically creates an nftables monitoring chain and measures the current speed of each client based (most likely) on the number of packets per unit time. I can't say how accurate it is...


Tried it with my AP it's stuck on "Collecting data..."
Something should be configured? or it should work out of the box?


so looks like you need to run newer version of OpenWRT with nftables
for ex 22.03.5

Since OpenWrt 22.03, fw4 is used by default, and it generates nftables rules.

older OpenWRT use IPTABLES

Try the nlbwmon package..If you want a GUI install this luci-app-nlbwmon too

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There is nothing to configure on the monitoring part of the service, but unfortunately this won't work on a dumb AP because the traffic has to traverse the firewall.

You need to install the package on the main router (if it runs OpenWrt) or use the AP in router mode (if you can live with double NAT).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've used nlbwmon in the past and I don't recall it having options to check realtime traffic.