Assistance Rooting SSK Cloud Hard Drive

I am currently trying to root this hard drive. I opened the case of it and it has a custom version of this board on the inside. It appears that they are using OpenWrt for the firmware. The chip that they flashed with their own custom OpenWrt is this I went to the SSK hard drive website and it appears that they have firmware available to download here. I downloaded the latest firmware pack and extracted it using binwalk, hoping I would be able to repack it with new credentials set to the root account or dump the ROM and create a new firmware pack with custom credentials. No luck there. The device is running Samba, so I spun up a kali linux VM and used metasploit to see if I could exploit any of the samba payloads. None of the payloads were able to be exploited.

I have also contacted the manufacturer to see if they would just supply me with the root credentials. The manufacturer is in China and they refuse to provide me with the root access because it is a security threat. I need the root access if I am going to flash this device the way I would like to use it. I have exhausted all options that I can think of at this point. Does anybody have any further ideas I could try? Really looking for any options at this point. My next step is to unsolder the chip that contains the flash and then dump the ROM that way. I really don't want to go that route though if I don't have to. Any ideas would be highly appreciated at this point.

There's (usually) an unprotected boot loader starting before the OS fires up...

Any idea on how I can get to that?

Serial port/console