Assigning static IPV6 leases, but need to set UDIDs first?

Needing to set static addresses to a few of my ipv6 clients, but not all of them show a UDID in the luci menu so not sure how to do it? Anyone got any tips as the wiki help guide is a complicated minefield lol.

All I'm after is blocking internet access to a few devices at a set time period, I've got it working on IPV4 devices, but not the ipv6 ones.

DUID is communicated from the router client to odhcpd. The time frame for such communication may depend on the lease time a/o the device and thus might be delayed in showing in LuCI since LuCI is querying the DUID from the odhcpd lease file.

Also noticed that

Check whether the clients' DUID can somehow be queried/extracted on each device itself, though I have not figured that out for a variety of client devices/OSs.
Thus far, waited for DUID been communicated to odhcpd and then set the designated static IPv6.

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You're gonna grow old before you see DHCPv6 requests from Android clients!

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