Assigning same IPV4 for Wi-Fi's with different SSID's

I think my title was a little confusing, but basically, I want for a client under 'Wi-Fi 2.4' and 'Wi-Fi 5' to have the same IP Address, everything is the same a part from the SSID. I know that if I make the same SSID it works, but I want to have the option to choose between them since some of my devices are not smart enough to pick the right choice.

Currently I have the LAN interface on a bridge, with a port and both radios in there, is there a way of making them assign to the same IP? I need this because I'm using PBR to preroute the IP to my VPN interface, so I want to keep the same IP while in the “LAN” zone.
If what I described should be the default behavior, something on my end is probably messed up, so lmk please :smiley: .

# in /etc/config/dhcp

config host
	option ip '192.168.1.x'
	option mac '00:11:22:33:44:55'
	option name 'example'

Weirdly enough, I do have my client on the DHCP, but it looks like the MAC is different on the 2.4Ghz one, causing it to not be assigned to that IP, any idea why?

cat /etc/config/dhcp

config host
        option name 'M62'
        option ip ''
        option mac 'xx:xx:xx:32:91:81'
        option tag 'tag'

Oh, I think I see why, my cellphone has an option to generate a random MAC for each Wi-Fi connection (weird, right?), to decrease the chance of it being tracked, I guess if I just set it to use my cellphone MAC it should work.

That's normal these days for security, you can disable random MACs (on Android at least).


Thanks, that was it lol, what a finicky lil thing, didn't even know that existed, at least I'm that it was simple.

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