Assigning a VLAN to an Interface

Hello all,

Is it possible to assign a VLAN to an interface? For example, I have a interface for guest wifi setup but I do not see anywhere to assign a VLAN to it.

When creating a new interface, it does say "You can also use VLAN notation INTERFACE.VLANNR ", but I cannot find out where to assign a VLAN to the interface for the life of me.

I am very new to LEDE, so it is possible I am just being dumb and overlooking something.

Thanks in advanced.

You add ".x" to the interface number when you create it.

For example:

  • if the interface is eth0
  • and you want to create VLAN 5
  • your interface name upon creation would be eth0.5
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Makes sense now. Looks like I just needed someone to spell it out for me. I will give it a try later.


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