Assigned ipv6 /64 to wireguard

Some confusion on my end assigned an /64 to wireguard. Comcast when I changed the router did assign me a /60 so I have the addresses I just cannot seem to get them to work as in does fail and all ipv6 tests fail.

I've tried a ipv6 subnet calculator, my I just do not understand.


Say I have efb0/60 with all the other numbers ahead of it starting with 2xxx and putting in to a calculator I get variations of that for efb1/64 efb2/64 so on and so forth.

Am I to simply add a efb1::1/64 to my wireguard interface and can use within that subnet now?

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Are you trying to tunnel into your home network from abroad? Or are you trying to route your home network through a VPN provider?

I am trying to tunnel in to my home network from the outside world, basically to use my pihole and hide my life.

You should be able to add a statically assigned /64 to your WG interface.

Since I am a fool and still cannot understand a simple calculator here is what I get form Comcast with some xxxx's in there

Protocol: DHCPv6 client
Prefix Delegated: xxxx:xxx:4480:3fb0::/60
Address: xxxx:60:c4cd:4aca:9816:e13b/128
Gateway: fe80::2a52:61ff:fe28:7c22

So I want to assign this block to my Wireguard Interface xxxx:xxx:4480:3fba::/64 and then assign /128s to each device (3)?

What is the final goal of this?
The other end of the wireguard tunnel is some server in the internet and you want to use it to tunnel traffic instead of Comcast?

The goal is to tunnel to my home but resolve ipv6 addresses while I do so. My understanding of Wireguard is I need to assign a /64 to my wireguard interface and dish out ipv6 addresses /128 to each device? If this is wrong great I'll skip all this and add what I need to have it auto assign.

I will also add the goal is to use my pihole from anywhere to dns block crap and to resolve ipv6 and ipv4.

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...but why cant you just put WG on the client, though?

Create a wireguard interface and place it in the LAN zone, just set ip6 assignment to /64, and also /64 for LAN, should be ok.

If you have the default /60 on LAN then it's probably using your whole assignment, reduce it to /64

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I have WG on the client but when I test ipv6 it does not resolve when I go to sites like as an example.

@dlakelan I will attempt this I think it have it organized I am just not getting resolve ipv6.