Assign dynamic VLANs to wired clients


Could someone help me, please? I'm having a problem with TP-Link C7 router with OpenWrt version 18.06.1.

I am trying to assign Dynamic VLAN's to clients which are connected to WiFI AP as below mentioned setup. All routing and DHCP assignments are done in Wired Router. But I am not able to figure out how do I put different clients(connetced via WiFi AP) in different VLANs dynamically. How do I configure /etc/config/network to point it to Radius server so that It will send VLANs information for connected clients

 Router(Wireless disabled) -----> WiFi AP ----> Clients

P.S. I am able to assign dynamic VLANs in wireless routers with radius server configuring hostapd.

Thanks in advance.



is just for the router to have its own interfaces on the vlans.... and is not involved in client assignment.

some targets ( router architectures ) may not support this. ( dynamic vlan assignment )

what c7 do you actually have?

do you have space for adding packages or and overlay filesystem etc?

is your radius server setup ( what is it? ) and are you able to test that with another access point / os?

I have tp-link archer c7 ac1750 v3 (ar71xx) . Yes, I have space for adding packages and overlay FS.

I am using Freeradius on Ubuntu Machine as a Authentication server which assign VLANs dynamically after successful Authentication. Also, I am able to assign dynamic VLANs on Same router(C7 wireless enabled) with hostapd(wireless controller) configuration.

But I want to use this router as per the configuration mentioned in the description and I am not able to figure out how to do that for wired clients.

that certainly is confusing....... what is wired and what is not?

Okay. Maybe I am not clear enough. I will rephrase the description.

I have Tp-link archer c7 ac1750 v3 (ar71xx) but I have disabled WiFi Radio on it due to some requirements. So It is just a Wired Router for our scenario. I have connected a WiFi AP to this router via Ethernet. WiFi AP broadcasts SSIDs and clients get connected to it but Routing, DHCP assignment is being done on TP-Link router. So I guess these clients will be consider as Wired clients in Router.

Now, I want to assign these connected clients to different VLANs dynamically with the help of Radius Server which I am not able to figure out how to do it.

Before this setup, I did not disable WiFi radios on TP-Link router and I was using it as wireless router and connecting clients directly to it. So I was able to assign VLANs dynamically by configuring Radius Server info in hostapd.conf (via /etc/config/wireless) and it worked like a charm.

I hope I have explained it clearly now.

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= 802.11x

management intensive without underlying framework....
without explaining more of the capabilities your "AP" has.... it's all you got.

I understand this but my question is how to point to radius server. I mean where should I configure this info i.e. in which config file?


From what I gathered wireless doesn't support VLANs. What you can of course do is set up a wired VLAN and bridge your wireless interface to that (like one would do with a guest network e.g.). You can easily add more than one AP to /etc/config/wireless if the wireless driver supports multiple per physical radio.

Thanks for you response @Borromini . I have dynamic VLANs already working for wireless using the same idea(bridging wireless interface with wired VLAN) and pointing to radius server for authentication and assigning VLANs dynamically in /etc/config/wireless.

But I am not able to figure out how to use radius server for wired clients and where should I configure radius server info like we do in /etc/config/wireless for WiFi clients.

You can refer my setup info as below: