Asking help to chose the right hardware

I am designing a small home entertainment centre. So movies, music, computer work etc. will be all centred in the living room and on one screen. The computer will be replaced by a mini PC that I can hide in the TV console. This is where I need help from the experienced so I don't make any wrong choices.

The current set up is 65" 4K TV + phone and tablet (wifi required) + 5.1 amplifier + wireless keyboard and mouse (as the distance from the coach to the computer is over 3 meters).

As I already have the NanoPi R4S, the first thing I looked at was other Friendly Elec's hardware and there was a NanoPC T6 and R6S. Would these be suitable as a replacement for my traditional PC in terms of connectivity and functionality? I already asked this on the Friendly Elec forum, but so far no one has replied.

To what extent is this related to OpenWrt?

As far as I understand your question, your primary focus is on its video-playback functionality, which is completely unsupported by OpenWrt. Neither do I see any of the two devices you're mentioning to be supported by OpenWrt so far at all, so I really don't see what kind of feedback you're looking for from the OpenWrt community.

Was the question too simple or too complex? I asked if the NanoPC T6 or R6S is suitable for my purposes. So, no.

Unless I've missed the gist of it, neither - the question is too off topic to get a reasonable answer here.

What's better, an AMD RX580 or a nVidia RTX 4090?
Neither of which has any functionality (that couldn't be met by a 20 year old graphics card as well) that would benefit any of the use cases OpenWrt provides, neither would actually be supported (beyond putting a root shell on the screen).


Is there anybody who could give me some proper information?

You haven't even been able to answer the single question you've been asked...

Currently, your thread is off topic, here, on this forum.

Unless the OP can clarify, it does appear that the request is not at all related to OpenWrt for the reasons indicated by @slh.

I'm setting a topic timer for this thread to auto-close. If the OP is able to describe why their questions are relevant to OpenWrt, I will cancel the topic timer (or reopen the thred).

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