Ask for recommendation about range extender (please comment on my list below)

Can you comment on the devices below? Thanks a lot!

  1. The prices listed are in HKD, and I've verified the availability of them today in (many are listed as discontinued in OpenWRT database and/or official product web site, but appear to be still selling in multiple shops).
  2. Do you recommend using snapshot-only device? (If yes, do you know when will those snapshots become mainstream? (P.S. TP-Link RE210 looks attractive with RGMII (GbE) backhaul.) )
  3. Any other comments?

(Note: most devices below are 8/64.)

Range Extender (19.07.6)
D-Link DAP1330 (A1) N300/100Mb, $134
TP-Link RE350 (v1) AC1200/GbE, $343
TP-Link RE355 (v1) AC1200/GbE, 8/128 $374 (355 preferred over 350)

Range Extender (Snapshot)
TP-Link RE200 (v1 - v4) AC750/100Mb, $225
TP-Link RE210 (v1) AC750/GbE, $243
TP-Link RE450 (v3) AC1750/GbE, $447