Ask About WRT That Have High RAM and CPU? Like WRT32x or R7800?

Anyone can recommend me a Wireless Router (not mesh) that have high RAM and CPU?
Like Linksys WRT32x or Netgear R7800?
Or it's the highest until now?

For Those device whats the pro and con?

I want the highest CPU and RAM availabe and supported openwrt

Search the forums, there are countless of threads (even new ones) that will cover your questions


yeah, it's countless, but as many I can see, It's talk about 'cheap' and 'middle', not high end...

Search again, use model name instead..

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With x86_64 / AMD64 machines and external APs (formal APs, or all-in-one devices configures as APs) generally exceeding the capabilities of all-in-one devices. APU2

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You can search yourself for devices that match your criteria:

To get more useful replies to your question, you should probably be more precise regarding your requirements and your usecase.

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I want the highest CPU and RAM availabe and supported openwrt


An x86_64 is then suggested, as it can take as much CPU and memory as the motherboard allows.

Runs great on an 4-core, 8-thread E3-1265Lv2 Xeon, but my Lanner FW-7582A only has two RAM slots, so I think I've only got 32 GB in it.

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any other recommendation, in my country it's not available... (Atom, Celeron, Pentium) also available in i5 variants
etc... Just Google :wink:

You can take just about any old desktop PC, having 1 or 2 GB of RAM, put in extra Ethernet cards, use a USB flash drive as the system disk, and have a system that is way overkill for almost anything you'd want to do with OpenWrt.

The downside is will use a lot of electricity, so consider it as a temporary proof of concept. Buying a network appliance x86 type system with < 10 watts power consumption will rather quickly pay for itself.

The thing to look for when buying new (besides power consumption) is does the CPU have AES-NI support, this will greatly improve the performance of a VPN server or client.

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The Jalapeno does not fit to this requirement:

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Fits fine with quad core 700MHz and 256MB ram, way above the average router.

That certainly does not qualify as "way above the average router" today with, for example, running a 1700 MHz dual-core ARM SoC and 512 MB in an all-in-one package. Or, for that matter, the similar R7800 mentioned by the OP.

Is this Jalapeno expandable, i.e. to use internal LTE-Modem and SSD ?
Any accessories, like industrial case ?

Perhaps the OEM website knows something about this device?

I don't think so, but you can ask the vendor to be certain.