ASIX88772 usb2 nic - Support for Raspberry Pi Zero W

Hi there

I am trying to connect a Raspberry Pi Zero W with an image of OpenWRT directly to my PC through Ethernet.

I bought the following microUSB to Ethernet Adapter to achieve this -

Sadly, I can't seem to get it working. There are no lights on the adapter whatsoever and I have a feeling the driver is not installed with the kernel used by OpenWRT for Raspberry Pi Zero W.

Would someone be able to confirm for me if there is a driver installed with the latest version of OpenWRT (19.07.4) for my Pi Zero W, and if not, how could I get it installed?


Techdata page -

Driver link:

the force is strong...

You will likely need to add one of the following packages to your OpenWrt image:


Thanks for your replies.

I'm new to OpenWRT - how best can I deploy the package? Would I be able to just copy it to the OpenWRT image by reading the SD card on my pc?

On the same boat now.. did you manage to fix it? Iā€™m stuck at a point where I have a fresh installation and I connected the pi via usb-Ethernet to my pc. But for some reason I cannot ssh into the pi.. did you face the same issues?

If you use this website you can create a custom build with the extra packages added.

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