Aruba AP-365 / AP-367 upgrade issue with 23.05.3

I have encountered a serious bug with the upgrade mechanism used on Aruba AP-365 / AP-367 devices for 23.05.3. I have a number of these devices in service and they have been solid performers with no issues until now.

Running a sysupgrade to 23.05.3 on these device reverts to a factory-default configuration upon reboot. Network configurations, including wired and wireless networks, reset back to and OpenWRT. I have performed fresh installation and sysupgrade activities on a number of devices and this behaviour is consistent. I have restored from 23.05.2 config backups and the production APs are back online.

I have a few extra of these devices on the shelf and can test interim images if desired.

Thank you.


This is a bit of a strange one.

I rolled versions forward and backward (combinations of 23.05.1, 23.05.2, and 23.05.3) via the GUI's flash operations (with "keep settings" checked) and the issue does not reoccur.

On the other hand, it did occur with a new-in-box, never-booted-before, shipped-with-factory-aruba-firmware AP-367 that I bootstrapped using the tftp procedure. After I did this twice and re-ran the ubiformat command again a few more times, then performed a sysupgrade, the issue didn't return.

I don't think this should happen, but it might just be a goofy nuance of this particular hardware implementation. I will set aside my last "new old stock" device for an installation and upgrade test with a future OpenWRT release as another check. I will file a formal bug report then if this persists.

For purposes of future searches:

A two of my Aruba AP-365 and AP-367 devices reverted back to stock configuration after being sysupgraded via the GUI and with "keep settings" option checked (the default upgrade settings). A 367 was freshly flashed with 23.05.3 and did not keep its configuration across reboots. After additional ubiformats in the installation bootstrap procedure, the issue appears to have gone away and the configuration remains persistent.

Everyone else's mileage may vary.