Aria2 schedule

hi I install aria2 and webui and really happy with this fact that i can download any thing without even turn on my pc

but I have zero knowledge about openwrt

and had so many difficulty to install it on my router

my question is there any easy way to schedule downloads with aria2 ?

becuase i have free bandwith only at night from 2 am to 7 am


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I don't know what you are going to achieve, but you should know that what you are using consists of 3 components:

  1. aria2c RPC server
  2. a web application which connects to the RPC server and acts as a GUI for you to manage your downloads
  3. an optional browser extension to capture the link and send it to the web app

So, you only need aria2c running on OpenWrt in RPC mode, and have the other 2 components on your PC. Of course OpenWrt can run a web app, so you can put the web app there.

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thank you for reply sorry but i'm rookie and just install openwrt last night

so I have to go starup local startup in luci and put those code there?

thank you for reply

I just wanna aria2 start downloads at 2 am and stop at 7 am automatically


you need to put those in the crontab (Scheduled tasks in the System menu), one for pause, one for resume.

I'd try this from the ssh cli 1st, see if they work as intended, then add them to the crontab.

i'm sorry bothering you again
I don't know is easy or hard because I'm not familiar with it at all

is that possible to share with me two command line to start aria2 at 2am and stop at 7am ?

I just need put theme to Scheduled Tasks right?

sorry again I'm just partially know windows os and android

on a high level:

  • copy the three lines for the pause and resume from github, into two separate shell scripts, and
  • store them somewhere on your router (in /etc or /root)
  • make both executable
  • add the shell scripts (including full path) to your crontab, and restart the cron service
  • go grab a beer

the 1st three can be done via winscp, if you don't like playing with cli.
last step is optional

don't forget to install curl, too.

google will help, if you don't know how to do those steps.

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hi again
I try to install curl but can't install it , get gateway timeout on luci

and this on putty when try to opkg update
aria2 gateway

Sure you're not out of flash space?

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thanks again problem fixed

ok for anyone else with same problem just install curl and put these two code to schedule task and save

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