Are there pages for devices (photos, specs, hacks, support...)?

Hi, I would like to use the wiki to add new supported devices, like info about CPU, support state, photos and so on.

I still didn't find any device in the wiki for using as a template. Either I don't know where is the correct place to create a device page.

Is there any plan to add a "space" for devices? , or just can I create my own page for my device?


Ok, I'll answer myself, question already exposed

Hi danitool,

there was some discussion about devicepages in the LEDE wiki, but we havn't yet come to "the" conclusion regarding a template.

If you don't have a better place to put them, just use /toh/<brand>/<model>
I know from the OpenWrt wiki that you know what you are doing, therefore: Go ahead, freestyle, create examples / templates that others can follow.

When adding devicepages for devices that are already present in the ToH, consider using datatables to include the ToH info into the devicepages.

In case of questions, just let me know.

P.S.: There are two ways to ease creation of devicepages in the LEDE wiki

  1. usage of namespace templates (namespace/_template.txt) ->
  2. usage of bureaucracy forms (, need to be logged in to create one)

As for 1)

As for 2)

I'd be happy to make the usage of the wiki as easy as possible.
If you have questions to 1) or 2), let me know.
If you want to edit _template.txt directly, you need ssh access -> contact thess

BTW: What's your opinion on ?