Are there LuCI screenshots available?

I'm considering installing OpenWrt on a Netgear R6230 to avoid having a Netgear web account to use and manage this device.

I would like to use a web interface to manage the R6230, and saw that LuCI comes pre-installed in the firmware version I'd be installing, 21.02.3. Searching for LuCI configuration screenshots only yields a few status screens. I was not able to find any WiFi, LAN, reserved addresses, port forwarding, and access restrictions screens.

I've configured many different routers using their web interfaces and can quickly figure out how to navigate and change settings using the typical router/AP web interface. Is that how LuCI works on OpenWrt? If I have to use SSH, learn directory layout, and configuration commands I'll probably pass.

Is there any documentation anywhere with screenshot describing how to use LuCI on OpenWrt?


You probably won't find a monolithic collection of the various pages of the LuCI interface. You can find things on the Wiki, of course, and in the forums and also in YouTube videos about OpenWrt.

In general, the OpenWrt LuCI interface is well designed and mostly intuitive to use. Better than most vendor firmware.

My advice: just install OpenWrt and you'll be able to see everything you want. You can alternatively install it onto any supported router, or even into a virtual machine or on a Pi or similar so that you can have it running even without it being your actual router (if you want to play around before actually deploying it on your main hardware).

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a lot of older documentation is based on command line examples, though the same steps can also be done via LuCi GUI, once you are aware where to click.

There are basically 2 challenges:

  • getting used to config options that have a more fine-grained level than most of-the-shelf routers
  • getting around with a router that has so many config options and config combinations and improvements over time that documention has practically fallen behind a lot

You can see the GUI in action in openwrt tutorials like this one:

I would say overall Luci GUI has a steep learning curve, it has inconsistent naming especially after recent DSA move and documentation is lacking. Above tutorials helped me a lot.