Are there any supported devices with dual 5Ghz radios?

For my PCVR setup I'm using 2 luma mesh routers flashed with openwrt (one as my internet backhaul because I can't easily run an Ethernet cord and the other for my quest 2) because trying to use just one causes instability whenever i would try to use VR and the internet at the same time. While the setup does work well, it's a bit clunky/messy and I'd prefer to just have one router handling both. All I'm looking for is a device with dual 5ghz radios (don't care about 2.4ghz but it'd be a nice bonus), two or more gigabit Ethernet ports and something that's relatively inexpensive. Going the DIY route isn't out of the question for me but I'd prefer something that's already put together and ready to go.

There are a few tri-radio (2.4 GHz, low-5 GHz: ch36-64, high-5 GHz: >ch100) ipq4019 devices supported in OpenWrt, map-ac2200, ea8300, mr8300, …

Basically the same SOC as your luma home, just with a third radio (ipq4019 adds PCIe support over the ipq4018 SOC of your luma home, which can be used to connect a third radio - typically QCA9986, 2x2 802.11ac/ wave2 or QCA9984, 4x4 802.11ac/ wave2).

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I'm using MR8300 with version 21.02 without issues. The 5GHz is two different radios, one for low channels 36-64, and another radio for high channels 100-165. It has 4 Gbit LAN ports. I use it as the wireless replacement for a WRT3200 which has obsolete firmware that has issues with most newer Apple (intel WiFi chipset) devices. MR8300 for WiFi, WRT3200 for wired and WAN.