Are there any issues with OpenWrt on the WRT32X like there are with DD-WRT?

Currently have DD-WRT installed on WRT32X and there are a host of issues, primarily smart devices can't connect to wifi, or disconnect frequently. Aparently its a linksys driver issue with no fix in sight. I assumed that OpenWRT would have similar issues?

also can I flash OpenWRT regularly from DD-WRT, or is there a special installation procedure for moving from DD-WRT to OpenWRT?


i have a wrt32x with 18.06.4 stable release and a wrt3200acm to my parents house
i install them and forget them
To stabilise the wifi (5ghz) i had to change my settings from "auto" to 48 and follow this instruction from another topic :

This is what I usally do to make my 3200ACM behave on the wifi side:
opkg remove kmod-mwifiex-sdio mwifiex-sdio-firmware kmod-bluetooth kmod-btmrvl
rm -f /etc/config/wireless
wifi config > /etc/config/wireless
This removes support for radio2 and the bluetooth packages and then resets the wifi config to de-fault without radio2 messing things up.
After that you can do your wifi config as usual, just don't touch the country code settings in any way.
If your unit is meant for europe it might not set the exact country code for the country you bought it in.
E.g. if you bought it in "germany" it might show "france". They seem to set a a country code that works for most countries even if it doesn't match. It should be fine tho.
The maintainer of the wifi driver said improvements for the country code issues are coming. But that was a quite some time ago. So don't expect them soon.
It might most likely be better for most people if those packages weren't included by default anyway.

with these steps they are both very stables

to install openwrt from dd-wrt i think that you can use the gui method with the sysupgrade package, but i'm not very sure of this. So perhaps wait for another view

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You most certainly cannot! Sysupgrade is meant exclusively for up- or downgrades between OpenWrt installations.

Recommended procedure when on another third party firmware is to return to the manufacturer firmware and proceed with the OpenWrt instructions from there (using OpenWrt's factory images).