Are there any FTTH/GPON routers supported by OpenWrt?

My current ISP router is a ZTE F660 (not rented) which doesn't let you disable NAT in the firmware. I am looking to replace it with an OpenWrt router but it seems like none of them have a GPON port. I probably could buy a ZTE F601 modem from AliExpress, change MAC/SN to match the ISP router and use it with any OpenWrt router but it would be better if I didn't need to have a proprietary modem.

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Can you take the SFP module out of the modem? You could use a media converter.

I don't think there's an SFP module inside it

Some sfp/sfp+ cards are well supported so, building your own x86 router shouldnt be a problem.

You can't even set it to bridge mode?

No bridged mode in it

I am porting openwrt to f660 with marvell 88f6560 soc. There are some problems with the current version. If you have this model, please share the full bootlog of f660 and the full firmware backup of it. This may help me make the usb port avaliable.

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