Are there any custom Firmware for the TL-WA850RE V6

Hello Guys,
This ist my Fist Thread in this Forum.I have a TL-WA850RE V6 and I would Like To Install a custom Firmware in IT,but there ist Not a openwrt Out there,will it bei possible in the Future or Armee there any Others custom Firmware s fo the deviceThanks For answers.

Hardware specs:

With TL-WA850RE v6 being a 4/32 device, it would not be my first choice for adding OpenWrt support (if I would be a developer).

If you want to avoid wasting precious lifetime, you should look out for devices which have sufficient resources (flash + RAM) to run OpenWrt, now and in the future.

4/32 is already a dead horse, and 8/64 is on the same route.

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Hey thanks for your answer,i want to compile Openwrt myself for the device!I have some knowledges with Linux.I am using gentoo linux and i have some knowledges of compiling,Would it be diificult?