Are the Winbond flash chips causing any issue?

Sorry to put this on a separated thread, but now that i physically checked on the device, i could see my Xiaomi Router 4A Gigabite Edition is carrying a Winbond flash chip.

Couldn't see the model number because i just peeped through the vent holes in the back with a flashlight and a magnifying glass.

My final question is: Is it safe to install OpenWrt on this one or it is one of the troubling flash chips?

That's an old chip. A Winbond or GigaDevice chip should be OK, the problem chip is reported to be EON EN25QX128.


For others: [Xiaomi Router 4A Gigabit] How to know which flash chip it has?

Hi. Here's my personal experience.
I bought this week 2 units. Their production date is 12/2020. They came with Winbond 25Q128JVSQ chip. I didn't encounter any issues with 21.02.02 standard build (OpenWRTInvasion method).

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