Are Static Leases outside DHCP range okay?

Hi All, from a long time user, first time poster...

I just want to confirm that that Static Leases outside DHCP range are okay? The reason I am asking is I haven't seen the ability to define Static Leases outside the DHCP using manufacturer's router firmware.

I'm defining Static Leases on my OpenWrt router and really appreciate the feature. Just want to be sure it's valid configuration and will not mess something up down the line.

To the brilliant individuals who maintain and enhance OpenWrt and to all others in this forum who take time out of their busy day to answer stupid questions from beginners like like me.

Thank You!

Static leases should be always outside the dynamic pool.
Some DHCP implementations gives an error, if static assignments are inside the range :slight_smile:

That's not some DHCP Server implementations, a lease within the dynamic range is termed "Reservation".

Also the manual says nothing about leases needing to be out of scope.

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When you use the term "range" - to be clear it does not imply out of CIDR range...even thought you can also program a lease such as this (I won't go into on this since this is definitely not a normal or common use case and doesn't cover your inquiry).

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So static leases are actually meant to be done outside the dynamic pool. Just to be sure, is dynamic range the same as DHCP range?


This may apply to the DHCP server dnsmasq.
On many other DHCP servers, you can get much "fun" with static leases within the dynamic pool.
So I should say "you better place your static leases not within the dynamic pool" :smiley:


Just to be clear, OpenWrt deals fine with both options. It's rather customary to keep static leases outside of the dynamic pool, this works fine and is the cleaner option, but defining static leases from within the dynamic pool is also possible.