Are ping/jitter spikes like this fixable or is it likely an ISP issue?

I have a gigabit ftth connection. My setup is fiber ont to calix gigapoint 803g modem to mini pc (intel n100, 16gb lpddr5) to a switch where I have all my devices connected to. I have cake sqm set up with bandwith set to 800000 kbit/s download and 750000 upload. Here is my waveform bufferbloat test.

Here is a video demonstrating my issue happening, pay attention to the small graphs on the right side of the screen: Ping spike
My issue:
Periodically, I get these ping spikes from 17ms up to 30 or so ms. The spikes translate in game as a micro stutter when they happen and it's ruining my experience. The frequency of the spikes can be as low as 3 times a game (60 minutes typically) or as high as 10. Sometimes 2 spikes happen in rapid succession. When spike occurs it usually shows in network rtt graph as between 30-36ms. 36ms is a very common value. Why would it be consistently spiking to this exact number? Highest spike I’ve ever seen is 44ms. Network rtt jitter graph always spikes at same time as network rtt graph. It’s usually just one singular spike in the graph/stutter felt in game followed by a period of extremely stable ping of 17-18ms. Rarely there will be a second or third spike shortly after the initial but that happens maybe 5% of the time.

Things I have tried:

  1. -Tried w10 NIC driver, rss configured correctly to 4 queues. Base proc is 2. Verified with xperf and Speedtest that cores 2-6 are being used.
  2. -Tried different imod settings.
  3. -Used DDU and updated gpu drivers
  4. -Tried stock bios, tried 35/35 core uncore. Tried fresh install of OS. Updated bios to latest.
  5. -Reinstalled game
  6. -Switched ethernet cables

I do not have any packet loss while gaming. I wouldn't care about what the graph in game looked like if I wasn't feeling these micro stutters everytime the jitter spikes. I'm not sure what the cause of this could be or how to proceed with diagnosing the issue.

Does it make any difference if switch to fq_codel with simplest_tbf ? :thinking:

There is some queuing at provider's end of line you cannot control, see 20ms max during upload.

Or every time you do 18+ shout in your video , gameserver adds 18ms delay to wash its ears , it is called karma.

I would be absolutely shocked if you can notice a latency difference of 13ms in any game I've played. It's pretty rare for latency that small to show up visibly in games because they're engineered to cover latencies much larger on the client side. The client shows the gamestate it knows, and the server resolves the differences afterward. You'd need super slow-mo replays to even see the discrepancy of 13ms, and it wouldn't show as a microstutter(at least in the games I'm familiar with).

I'd look elsewhere for your problem, I'm guessing it's in your PC hardware somewhere. Try a different PC if possible.