Are modern no brand 5G CPE modems supported?

Hello, guys. Newbie here. I own this modem that I bought from Alibaba and want to know if OpenWRT can be flashed with this.

This is a no brand 5G CPE modem. I am desperate to change this modem's TTL values but to no avail. Will OpenWRT solve this? If so, can it be flashed to this router? If not, are there ways to change this device's TTL values without hacking or prying the thing open? I'm really new to this and want to get full use of my modem.

I'd probably need tutorials or something to even access and modify TTL values of a device without going through a GUI. I'm totally new to this. Thanks

Usually not. You can search the firmware selector and the table of hardware.

The idea of "no-name" entirely depends on how "no-name" it really is. Sometimes it's identical hardware as the major players, just in a "white label" manufacturing model. Other times it's some esoteric hardware from an unknown or very small company. And then there are the situations where there are no reliable model or brand identifiers -- this case in particular would be the most unlikely to have OpenWrt support because you'd have no way to truly identify it.

If you want to buy one to find out what's inside, you can help determine if support is possible and then contribute to the process to add support, though:

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I already have the device. Unfortunately, this is expensive for me and I don't want to pry or hack this just to satiate my curiosity. The main reason I even want OpenWRT on this is so I can change the router's TTL values.

Given that flashing this is now out of the works, is there any way to even change this device's TTL without having to flash anything in this? This is really the only reason I even want to tinker with anything. I just want to bypass my mobile throttling and spoof my router :frowning:

You'll have to ask on the support channels for that device. We can't possibly know since it's not running OpenWrt.

I think you could theoretically put an OpenWrt device behind the CPE and then use mangle to adjust the TTL... there should be threads about this -- just search the forums. But on your device without additional equipment, that's a question for the manufacturer or their user communities.

Hmm, I have another router (Huawei B315s-936) at home laying around. Can that be used? Again, sorry if I'm asking too many questions. I'm really so new to this. I don't even know how to access the modem/router itself at the root level where you enter commands or something. How do I even do that? Is there a step by step instruction for newbies like me?

If the device shows up, there's usually instructions about how to install OpenWrt. If it doesn't come up, it's not supported.

Alternatively, you can use the list to buy a router that is supported.