Are LAN drivers for Intel WG82583 and RealTek 8111 in LEDE?

I check the list of packages, but didn't find any references for either the Intel WG82583 or the RealTek 8111G/8168G. Is there another way to tell if drivers exist in LEDE for either of these network adapters?

I'm confused because I received a recommendation for the Qotom J1900, specifically, as a base for LEDE, but it has the WG82583 adapter. I wonder, if WG82583 is supported even though I don't see drivers in the packages, could the RTL8111 also be supported?

These mini-PCs seem to use the 8111 a lot, but I easily found reports that the drivers were it were not included in Debian due to licensing restrictions. So, I figure it's probably not supported in LEDE. But if WG82583 is supported, why didn't I find any drivers for it in the package list?

For Intel WG82583 you need e1000e driver not included in lede/openwrt you can get it if you build lede by your self.
with "make kernel_menuconfig" select builtin[*] not a [M]
save it with "make kernel_oldconfig"

For realtek you can use kmod-r8169 + r8169-firmware package

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Thanks! Is see it now. Was looking for rtl* pkgs and missed it.

I also see how to get WG82583 support. Sounds like a bit of trouble, but not too much. Is it the case that, generally, I can build any existing kernel module for LEDE in that way?

Yes but you should not select to much what you need it.

That naming convention (confusingly enough) only applies to the wireless drivers for Realtek hardware.

As for compiling, you do not need to compile (unless you prefer to, of course). You could also use the image generator to include the e1000e package in your image.