Are default packages enough for WPA3 AP as of 22.03.x?


I generally build images for my Netgear R7800 using the imagebuilder. It's currently still running 19.07.10, and I want to upgrade to 22.03.2. I want it to support WPA3, so in the past I had to explicitly add hostapd-openssl along with other "extra" non-default packages that I like to have (e.g. mtr) to my images.

Is this still required as of 22.03? In another device, a Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H where I installed the default (from the downloads) image for 22.03.2, it seems to not require anything "special": I can create a new AP and select WPA3-SAE for it.

From that I deduce that WPA is no longer that "special", i.e. the builds available in the downloads, and also the default package set in the imagebuilder, already include what's needed for WPA3. Is that correct? I tried to search in the docs but wasn't able to find anything explicit, other than the outdated (I think) instructions from back in 19.07, that mention explicitly adding hostapd-openssl.

WPA3/ SAE is supported by default (on compatible hardware) since 21.02.x, including 22.03.x.


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