Archived packages are missing?

I have a device (HLK-7688A) which is running OpenWrt
When I try "opkg update" I get these errors:

* opkg_download: Failed to download, wget returned 1.

And sure enough nothing exists at that URL or at the equivalent.
I would like to update my opkg configuration so I can install packages - can anyone point me to the correct URL for the opkg packages?

That is ancient! Barrier breaker (14.07) is 6 years old! Is there a reason you need such an old release? Can you update to something more recent? What device are you using?

Thanks for the super quick reply!
These are brand new devices just received from the manufacturer in China, they are HLK-7688A modules (See here )

I tired updating to the latest from (# 587) but it left me with no network at all.

So I was just tinkering trying to get the factory firmware to update packages.

edit mising word 'no'

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How were you trying to connect? WiFi is disabled by default. But at least one Ethernet port should be set to LAN if the config files are right. Or if not, if you have serial access, you can probably fix that.

I connected with a serial port.
I think it will be recoverable with the correct config - but I didn't get there.
I'll go back to it and have another look - it was a couple of weeks ago.
Fortunately I have 5 of these modules, so I can afford to play about a bit with them.

Understood. But the version you are using is too old to get support (both from packages and infrastructure and from memory of those who would try to help - so much has changed in the last 6 years (and 4 major version releases) that it just isn’t practical to get meaningful help.

That doesn’t even address the fact that the old versions have significant security issues that include known exploits, so it cannot be deemed secure in any context.

OK Fair enough - so I'll concentrate on building a new image. Fingers crossed!

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No, there are no missing files from the archive - mt7628 didn't exist when 14.07 was released at all. What you're seeing is a badly butchered vendor SDK, which is loosely based on OpenWrt, with crucial bits and pieces (e.g. kernel) replaced. It wouldn't be binary compatible with OpenWrt in the first place, even if that target would have existed back then.