ArcherA6 21.02.3 install fails [Solved]

I have a TP-link Archer A6(US) Ver. 3.0 with the factory software installed. I have downloaded openwrt-21.02.3-ramips-mt7621-tplink_archer-a6-v3-squashfs-factory.bin to begin using openwrt on this router.

When I select the option to upgrade the the firmware I get the message.

Firmware version:0.9.1 4.16 v0348.0 Build 180319 Rel.34297n

Hardware version:TL-WR841N v14 00000014

And when I select the openwrt image I get the follwing message

Error code: 71211

Failed to upload upgrade file! Please confirm the correct file is selected.

The openwrt file is rejected for some reason. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you sure you have an a7? What does the bottom label say? What does the device information say on the stock OS?

The bottom label is what I have shown, A6(US) Ver. 3.0

The device displays the Firmware and hardware version details I have listed when I am preparing to select the openwrt installation file.

When I select the openwrt file and select upgrade it copies the file and then gives the error code 71211
with the message I have shown.

That is very odd... the two devices are not even remotely the same:

  • The A6 has 16MB flash and 128MB RAM, and a dual core MediaTek MT7621DAT 880MHz processor. The latest OpenWrt (21.02) easily runs on this device.
  • The 841N v14 has only 4MB flash and 32MB of RAM, and a single core MediaTek MT7628NN at 575MHz. It is not clear if it has ever been supported by OpenWrt, but can not be supported anymore because of the very limited hardware specs.

Where did you get this from? Did you buy it new?

trev1 and psherman,

Indeed, this is weird.
I found also: TP-Link Archer C6 v3 - The hardware is identical to the Archer A6 v3.
But not even close to TL-WR841N.

Could you give more info about CPU, memory etc.?


I bought this on Amazon in February last year.

The only odd thing was listing said the operatiung system was RouterOS.
Maybe I should try and update the tp-link OS and try again.

This sounds like a good idea. Go to TP-Link's website and download the latest version of firmware for this device... see if it works.

Was it sold as new or used? Was the box sealed?
Does the MAC address and/or serial number on the bottom label match anything on the device's web interface (assuming it is surfaced there)?

I managed to boot it to original tp-link software and it showed as Archer A6 accepted the openwrt installation and runs fine.

The bodgey RouterOS software installed was the problem. I presume this was installed by the Amazon seller. The router was bought new in an original box on Amazon with the RouterOS software installed.