Archer VR600 v2 TP-Link firmware problem

Sorry if this is not the appropriate forum to post but I'm not sure where else to go. I'm posting here because of the genius level of the guys and girls in the OpenWRT world and figured someone here can help me.

I've been using OpenWRT on many of my TP-Link devices but one is not supported and I use the official firmware, but they have updated it and caused problems.

The device is Archer VR600 v2 using the AU firmware which is the same as EU. I require a feature that was available in previous firmwares but with the last update the feature has been re-designed and no longer functions as needed.

To make it worse they have disabled firmware downgrade of the previous firmware. I have confirmed this with them and they said it was to prevent a "security issue". I think more likely they ran out of nvram and stripped back other things.

They have a new feature called TP-Link Cloud for managing iOT devices in the home and I would assume this means cutting back on other services as the firmware files are similar size.

So the point of writing here. Can someone please help me to work out TFTP on this device to force an older firmware or can someone please modify an older firmware header to force the modem into accepting a downgrade.

Please help.


They do have a point: old firmware gets updated mostly to fix security issues and the old version is often severely insecure and should not be used by anyone.

Have you tried to just TFTP an old firmware?

Some models have a choice of cloud administered or non-cloud firmware.

TFTP mode does not seem publicly available on this device. I'm assuming it might be a jumper setting on the board but I'm not sure, which is why I posted here for assistance.

Any updates on this?

I’ve been back and forth with support but they’ve basically come back saying they have no intermediate version of firmware to downgrade with.

Very frustrating!

What's the feature?

The feature I was using was wireless schedule. I was able to disable 2g radio independent of the 5g radio. This was used to restrict the kids wifi with all their devices connected to 2g radio and all other devices connected to 5g.

It was a nice simple screen-time solution but now the wireless schedule combines both radios. No seperate radio schedules since the firmware upgrade. When I researched this device before purchase it suited my needs but since the firmware upgrade it has become a huge disappointment. Not happy TP-Link.

Can someone please try modify older firmware header for downgrading. This device does not support TFTP. Please

Thanks for your reply.

Did you notice any other removed features? I'm thinking of updating and I don't use the schedule feature. I would update if this is the only missing feature.

No I did not.

Hi, there is new firmware [Archer VR600(EU)_V2_200226], did you try it? maybe you can get your features back