Archer C7v5 stops routing network except to itself

I’m really hoping to get some help with this issue. I’ve not been able to find a solution via Google. The system logs don’t seem particularly helpful.

As frequently as once a day the router will stop routing traffic over both Ethernet and WiFi, with the exception that the router is still reachable by IP.

Client computers remain connected to the router, but show “no internet” and have no access to other machines on the network.

The internet is still accessible from the router directly, I can ping outside while connected by ssh.

The issue can be resolved by restarting the router networking or rebooting it, but it is random and happens when I’m not around to fix it.

In an effort to resolve the issue I reset the router to factory settings, flashed the current firmware, and rebuilt my config manually. No luck.

This seems like it started happening when I upgraded to the current firmware 19.07.7. It wasn’t until after that I would get “the WiFi isn’t working” reports from the family. Of course whenever I’d check everything seemed fine, so apparently the issue manages to fix itself at some point.

The one thing I perhaps should try, but haven’t, is reverting the firmware to the previous, but I don’t really like that as a fix.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be happening? I’ve only had the router for a few months.

When the issue happens, collect the diagnostics and post it to redacting the private parts:

# OpenWrt
uci show network; uci show wireless; uci show dhcp; uci show firewall; \
ip address show; ip route show table all; ip rule show; iptables-save; \
head -v -n -0 /etc/resolv.* /tmp/resolv.* /tmp/resolv.*/*

# Clients
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