Archer C7v5 Recovery mode? (corrupted firmware)

Did you manage to solve this issue? I accidentally corrupted my firmware and I cannot get to recovery mode. After holding the reset button, WPS button lights up for about 10-15 seconds (connected port doesn't though) and then the router resets. In my macOS settings i can see that ethernet is connected but I cannot upload the new firmware using tftp

Thanks for any help :frowning:

@LukePetko: I think its a better idea to start your own thread, than tag it onto this one.

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I have some c7v5 too and one of them had issues too not long time ago... If memory serves me well you need to hold the hidden reset button with a needle and power on while still holding this reset button. Besides that the general flash via tftp instructions from the wiki should give you enough details to flash a clean Openwrt and then continue from there.