Archer c7v4 bricked during update

I was doing just another regular firmware update on my archer c7 (v4) when I noticed that it was taking bit too long to reconnect. I checked the router and noticed that all the indicator lights were off. I gave it a few more minutes and when nothing happened, I disconnected from the power supply and turned it back on. The only indicator light that came on is the power indicator, which stayed on for about 4s before turning off. I tried connecting the router to my pc via the ethernet port, but the pc could not detect it. At this point, I am not sure whether the router is completely bricked or there's a chance at recovery. Need help to figure out what to do.

PS: I also tried holding the reset button for 10s. While the reset indicator came on for 10s, it went off after that.

This should (almost) always work.