Archer c7 v5 uhttpd does not work, Polish language does not install in openwrt 23.05.3

When I install openwrt 23.05.3 as sysupgrade, luci not work. When I try http or https browser give me message destination unrechable. When I want install Polish language for luci, I get message "/usr/lib/opkg/info/luci-i18n-base-pl.postinst : error line 2 /etc/uci-deffaults/luci-i18n-base-pl not such file or directory".
When I reinstall openwrt 23.05.2 everythings work.
Thanks for help

If you install a new version before it has been officially announced, you are likely to face issue.

I install it today from download page

Right, but it hasn't actually been officially released.

It is still building. Wait until the official announcement and then you should be able to download the packages.

Thanks for answers. I will wait.

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