Archer C7 v5 slow WAN speed

I'm using latest ath79 build (19.07) with only software offloading enabled, the rest is stock. Yet it can only download at a maximum of 550mbps (but avg is 500). With stock firmware it can do 900+ (I have gigabyte connection). Is there I'm missing? I've seen many people reporting getting 800+ with this router, yet I've tried many snapshots and custom build to obtain the same results as 19.07

My suggestion is that the guys that reach 800 mbit/s aren't using a pppoe link and you does, right?

Wan is configured as DHCP client, and modem is on bridge.

Probably you facing the issue that the v5 has only a single CPU port instead of two on v2.
Stock fw has hw nat support on the switch.

This seems like it is, as from reading the forums most people reporting 800+ on archer c7 have v2.