Archer C7 v5 revert to stock, reset not working

Hi all!

I would like to revert my Archer C7 v5 back to stock firmware but until now it did not work. I am using TFTDP, have no firewall issues, tested if I could access with my mobile phone and used wireshark to monitor the upd traffic. It seems like the Archer C7 just does not request anything from Also, TFTDP does not show it is pushing anything over to the C7.

(Yes, I have read all other threads and instructions but none of the errors found there are mine: using the small reset button, have the correct firmware, left the reset button pushed in for anything between 1 and 45 seconds)

So the issues seems that the C7 simply does not request anything from 0.66 when resetting it. Any ideas on what can be done?

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Do you see the LED changes after few seconds form booting (which is when you should release the reset button)?

LEDs on the backside of the router are in previous version. In the V5 I have tested all kinds of states of the front LEDs: no blinking, slow blinking, fast blingking of the right hand and front side reset-LED. Whatever I tried, it would not reset

I have v2 and the LEDs are in the front. To get in the TFTP recovery mode, you would need press and hold the rest/WPS button while powering on until the WPS LED flashes, then you release the reset/WPS button.

Out of curiosity, did you try sysupgrade with a stripped version of the stock firmware?

In the v2 version, the reset- and WPS button are the same. In the v5 version the reset button is next to the on/off-button and needs to be poked with a needle.

Nope, I did not try to sysupgrade with a stripped version of the firmware. Quite frankly, I did not understand how to strip it and went straight to the tftpd-approach. Maybe I should give this a shot.

OK, did the sysupgrade and things went from bad to worse: router just turns the power light on and nothing else. Cannot connect to it anymore.

Sorry to hear that; maybe it was the wrong image?

Anyway, the options you have left is to try again with TFTP, maybe you are missing something.

If that doesn't work then your last resort would be serial connection.