Archer c7 v5 overclock

Maybe it's different for each router or the bootloader wasn't written probably and the original remained which explains the recovery by tftp. I see you couldn't find the proper image for 9563 which explains why it couldn't be written.

I think I'm gonna need the same file 9563 - 8337 file for my router.

Did you get any message that breed was written?

I got a message saying that the file was successfully written to the device.

Maybe the tftp is separated from the u-boot partition or maybe the breed modification detects that it is not a compatible hardware and puts the router in the tftp mode.

Either way I was able to recover the router.

Well we can figure this out by connecting it to serial and then write breed. See what it says when it's in tftp after flashing. There should be some sort of error message.

If I have a little bit of free time this week I'll do it. I already went through the trouble of soldering the necessary pins to get the serial working.

Do you, by any chance, know what are the baud rates of the router?

Also, the router is 3.3V or 5V?

No need to use vcc pin... leave that be. Only rx tx and gnd are required. Power the router using it's own adapter.

I also have archer c7 v4 (same chip with v5) and I cant find any compatible bin in breed. Do you find any other method? I already tried the gwlim 800mhz and 1000mhz but sadly the 1000mhz was unstable. @daniarla

Sadly I gave away my C7 to a friend as I upgraded my internet connection to 1gb/s and the C7 couldn't keep with that speeds.
Also I never ended up finding the compatible breed or a method for overclooking it.

That router is a great device but if you want to use it as your router but you have more than 480mb/s, you'll have to use the stock firmware. I personally don't trust a device with that firmware to put it facing the internet but it's just my opinion.

thanks for telling me, may i know what router you are using now?

The xiaomi AX3600. Great device.

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Also take a look at Dynalink DL-WRX36.
It has 50% more cpu freq. and double the ram than ax3600, but internal antennas and less antennas than ax3600. If you can get it around 80 eur, in amazon .com or .de is also a good buy.

dynalink looks good but do you think it will support openwrt in the future?

Dynalink dl-wrx36, ax3600 and a few other ipq807x routers are now in snapshots, they share the same (ipq807x) code with a few HW differences:

Wiki is not updated:

I see, that's nice, but the problem here is I'm seeing bad reviews on amazon which people say that their router got broken after a few months :frowning:

do you experience any issues on your router?

No and none were reported in openwrt thread.
The only possible downside of dl-wrx36 vs ax3600, is that wrx36 has internal antennas. Internal antennas could have in theory a bit less range, but I didn't compare with ax3600.
I have both and use wrx36 as my main router because of 57% faster cpu (2.2GHz vs 1.4GHz in ax3600) and 1GB ram (vs 512MB in ax3600), it also has USB port and 2.5Gbit eth WAN port, but I don't have use for those.
You would have to compare the HW features of both to decide what you need.

AX3600 wiki (is updated):

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i see, im making sure since im from Philippines and i don't want to get fault router after a few months since the refund process will be expensive

I think both are good buys, the price you can buy them from your country, should also be a factor in the decision.

thanks for the input

While the Xiaomi ax3600 is big, chunky and 'ugly', Xiaomi has done a very solid thermal design for it - the device works really well.

From a specifications point of view, the dynalink wins hands down (twice the RAM, almost twice the CPU frequency, 2.5GBASE-T and USB3). Internal antennas don't need to be worse (and they are more common with 802.11ax with its 8, 12 or even 16 antennas anyways).

Which of these have a longer life expectancy is hard to tell, we only have anecdotal evidence at best (but, yes, the Xiaomi's thermal design might help, especially in hot climates). Regional availability and pricing is something you will have to check yourself - as well as the flashing instructions.

Disclaimer: I did buy the Xiaomi ax3600, but only because the dynalink didn't exist back then - today I would go with the dynalink, the specs are just so much better, for even less money. Even though I already have the Xiaomi, I'm still longing for the features of the dynalink, but I don't need two similar devices...


about flashing instruction, i dont have serial access knowledge and its kit; this is the reason why i will buy replacement router since I bricked my archer c7 ( only serial access method can revive the router)