Archer C7 V5 only half storage showing

I have an Archer C7(CA) V5 which I am playing around with to see if it is worth leaving DDWRT to openwrt. I am running to issues with the low storage space on the Archer C7. It is supposed to have 16 mb of storage but on the luci overview page it is only showing half the storage. Is this correct?

But when I run SSH I get this:

Which is correct? Is there a way for me to get access to all the 16 mb of storage? I have installed wireguard which I need. I would like to install samba4 but I do not have space for it.

Samba4 is really big, doubt you'll fit it into 16mb.

Use ksmbd instead.

Read the flash space note at

Ill give it a try with ksmdb.

But dinibhave 16 or 8 mb of storage?

since /overlay is ~9MB and /rom is 4, it's at least 16.

13MB out of 16 ain't bad.

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