Archer C7 v5 LED Advice

Hi all, I've recently updated my C7 to the latest firmware (19.07.2). I've noticed that rather than just staying on, my LAN port LEDs now flash with activity. I've tried a few things with the settings but I can't seem to make them function as I used to.

As the router is right next to the TV and it's quite distracting to have the lights flashing, I'd ideally like the lights to just remain permanently on when there is something connected to the relevant port.

I'm aware that I could just set the permanently on or off but it's still handy to know which ports are currently active.

If possible I'd also like to do the same with the 2.4g and 5g LEDs, as I used to just disable these on the previous version.

Many thanks.


Hi, after trying again I'm still not able to get the functionality I want out the LEDs. Could anyone tell me if it is actually possible to have the LEDs work as I described above please?

Anyone? Before I just have to switch them all off.

Hi did you manage to sort the flashing it's driving me mad so I'm playing with the settings but can't see so far how to maintain the Switch trigger which is needed for the ports but enable only link connection.

I've used the netdev trigger which allows me to set them on or off but not at a lan port level

Sadly not, I got to exactly where you are, realised there didn't seem to be the options in the dropdowns for how I wanted to set the LEDs, then gave up.

I compromised with having them all set to on, but thankfully at the moment I'm not doing a lot of router config, but if you ever work out how to do it then I'm interested!

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