Archer C7 v5 LAN speed slower than wifi

So I upgraded to the Archer C7 v5 today on my up to 500 Mbps internet. I was able to install openwrt no problem. Ran speedtests on the wired connection, 2.4ghz, and 5ghz to get 45 Mbps, 90 Mbps, and 200 Mbps. Why is my wired connection 4 times slower than my wireless? If anything, it should be the opposite.

I tried switching out my cat5e cables. Tried disabling all the wifi before running the speedtest on the ethernet. Tried disabling the sqm before running the speedtest on the ethernet. Same result each time. I only have one computer that can use a wired connection, but I connected it to my SmartTv, ran the test, and got the same result. If I plug directly into the modem, I get about 85-90 Mbps.

Is there anything else to check or is this defective hardware?