Archer C7 V5 (euro) is already out

Good morning, I saw that as far as Archer C7 V4 is concerned there is already development. I would not be boring but version 5 has already been released. I have this version and if you need information on the hardware I can try to take some pictures if it's not a problem to open it. Not for the software because if you planted the router so you can not load another forware menu (brick) I have no interface to connect.

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Some info on wikidevi already, so I wouldn't crack it open unless asked

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If my reading ot the OpenWrt Table Of Hardware page here is correct, the TP-Link Archer C7 AC 1750 v5 is already known about and has a pre-prepared image, as linked to by slh. The installation instructions are quite some way down the page - search for "Installation of TP-Link Archer C7 V5", but I would advise reading all the relevant sections, including what to try if things don't work first time.
Some people find that using the tftp method doesn't work if the PC serving the tftp download is directly attached via a LAN cable to the router, and it can be helpful to interconnect the TP-Link device and the PC via a LAN switch or hub rather than directly. This is because some PCs do not recognise the LAN as active quickly enough when the TP-Link device is started, and miss the tftp request. By putting an active LAN device in between the two, you can ensure the PC sees the LAN as active all the time and is therefore ready to serve the tftp request when it is generated.


I had missed the release. Because a month ago the V5 was not available and now it is. I have answer : Once installed the OWRT can i roll back the original firmware if necessary? For example for warranty need. Thank you.

For up-to-date information on latest OpenWrt images see[Model*~]=Archer+C7+AC1750&dataflt[Versions*~]=v5

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