Archer C7 v5 19.07.3 via Web GUI

TP-Link has upgraded its OEM firmware for the v5 to 1.0.15 Build 20200628 rel.63501(5553) I have weveral C7 v5's that I'd like to put on OpenWRT w/o using TFTP. Is it now possible to upgrade through the stock's web gui?

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For me it doesn't work through the webinterface. The upload gets stuck on 0%.

Running stock firmware: 1.0.15 Build 20200628 rel.63501(4555)
Trying to upload 19.07.04 image:

The wiki mentions that renaming the long filename to like firmware.bin could help, but it doesn't for me

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Did tftp work for you?

Did you successfully flash openwrt on archer c7 v5?